Welcome to Hollywood Sound- a Brisbane based band who were raised on the classics: The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Franki Valli and the Four Seasons, Sinatra, Chuck Berry.  After meeting in the Radiology department of a certain busy Brisbane hospital we formed in 2013 to make a creative outlet away from MRI’s/ Ultrasounds/ Nuclear Medicine scans.  We’ve been writing indie songs trying to incorporate the classic style but with a distinctly modern and original twist: think smoothly crooned vocals over a backing of reverbed and jangly guitar, solid bass/keyboards and danceable beats.  Enjoy the site and help us bring back the class.

Starring- Alastair Collett (Guitar, Singing), Olivia Fenwick (Keys, Bass Guitar, Singing), Reece Pemberton (Drums)


We do this because we love it.  We’ve all got decent day jobs but what we love doing most is playing live and sharing our music with the world.  Take the time to like us on Facebook and review our tracks on Triple J Unearthed so we can hopefully get noticed by our favourite radio station (



Posted 23/12/2015

THIS IS IT!  Our debut EP is recorded, cases are made and everything’s ready to go.  All we need is the party to go with it and all our friends to come and celebrate with us.  We will be launching this very special record on Friday the 15th January 2016 at “The Milk Factory Kitchen And Bar” South Brisbane/ West End (48 Montague Road- opposite the Paul’s Parmalat Milk Factory).  Free entry.

Joining us is the wonderfully talented Kate Heart ( plus another secret special guest.




Posted 26/08/2015

We have the pleasure of providing the drinking soundtrack to the fine folk at “The Bench” Boutique Beer Bar in Cleveland, Saturday the 5th September from 530 pm.  Come along for some amazing beers and ciders on tap to go with your aural delights.


Posted 26/07/2015

Olivia’s ultrasound training is almost over, so we’ve now got time to start doing what we love doing best- PLAYING SONGS LIVE!  We have a show coming up at RICS bar with our friends JUNIOR ARCADE, another great Brisbane Indie band.  Come along and let the good times roll. Hollywood sound rics poster junior arcade 19:8

Posted 18/05/2015

The fruits of our drum recording session at Studiohound and the debut for Reece’s new Sleishman kit are now available for your listening pleasure.  Check out Oh Sweet Lady on the music page.

Posted 29/03/2015

Two in a week!  We’ve just put up our latest offering Tough Talk, a lush pop number about the bittersweet relationship games people sometimes play when they’re angry.  Do hope you enjoy.

Posted 23/03/2015

We’re back, as promised, with a brand new piano jam A Simple Man, a musing on trying to run away from the cold, cruel hands of responsibility.  Listen on the music page.

Posted 14/12/2014

Just in time for christmas, we are proud to present Can’t Handle This for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy on the music page.

Posted 13/4/2014

We are so pleased to give you our latest offering- Les Savy.  A long time in the making (and the recording) it finally all came together as of today, and it might just be the best thing we’ve done so far.  Listen and groove on the music page.

Posted 1/4/2014

Wondering what we’ve been doing for the last 6 months?  Go to the music page and hear…1 new track and 1 update for your enjoyment.

Posted 22/10/2013

We are delighted to be playing at the venerable Ric’s in the valley next Tuesday night at 8:30 PM 29/10/2013!  If you don’t know where that is, details are here…  So come out for some classy tunes, a bit of restrained dancing and some cheeky weeknight drinking.  Can’t wait!

hollywood sound poster rics 29 oct

Posted 7/10/13

Are you ready for a brand new beat?  We are very proud to unveil our latest recording “Flavour Of The Month”- check it out on the music page now.

Posted 10/8/13

WE ARE BACK!  Actually we’ve been back in Australia for a couple of weeks now but life keeps on getting in the way of updating websites.  Pesky, pesky life…But there are plenty of new America Inspired songs on the way and hopefully some more gigs, so stay tuned.

Posted 24/6/13

After our interesting debut we decided we needed a holiday.  4 weeks in Canada and the US to be exact, but we’re taking it as a sort of musical safari (minus Reece, he’s a security risk).  Since wifi is more common here than trees (my experience in the US so far anyway) I shouldn’t have any trouble keeping the blog up to date with band discoveries and musings- so keep checking up on the site.

Posted 16/6/13

Good news, WE ARE BACK ON!  After defeating her virus with a healthy dose of AB’s, Olivia’s voice is back in action.   So we are playing the Grand View Hotel  ( in Cleveland this Thursday night, 20th June at 7:30pm.  After a few false starts to build the anticipation, our first gig is actually happening- be there for the start of something special.

Posted 12/06/13

Sad news… Olivia has got a rather bad case of pharyngitis and so we’ve had to cancel the gig.  Stay tuned, the next one will be happening shortly.

Posted 3/6/13

We have our first show!  It’s at the Grand View Hotel ( in Cleveland.  Thursday Night, 13/6 at 7:30pm.  Be there for a piece of History.




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Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that was involved in this special night.  The venue was great, our sound-guy was excellent, Kate Heart was amazing and the support we got from everyone was overwhelming.  Everything just came together that night- it’s going to  take some topping.  And I think everyone in…


Forgive the excessive amount of exclamation marks but our debut EP launch is almost here and we’re super pumped.  We had a great rehearsal this afternoon with Reece (who’s come back very refreshed from his 2 weeks holidays in Adelaide).  If we play like that on Friday, it should be a VERY good night.  We…

Happy Hollywood-days

Just a quick post to say enjoy yourselves this festive season- we’ll be back next year with some new tracks, a new sound and our brand new debut EP.  Get ready for the launch 15/1/16 at The Milk Factory. Happy solstice!  

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Greetings.  First of all, sorry about the slight delay in blog posting- you can blame some undercooked fish for that.  But here I am at 5am on a Monday morning, somewhat recovered and raring to go. This time, I thought I’d write about something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.  I thought it…